Theme for September 2013 - TRUST

Theme for October 2013 - MOTIVES






Swoop by Sean

I am on the top of
A mountain
Above the clouds
I see a break in the clouds

'Jump jump jump'
'You have wings'
'And you can fly'
I hear my heart cry

I was bored on the
Mountain top
So I jumped
And grapped the air

Like a rock i drop
Free fall
Spread my wings
I can fly

Diving gliding
I arrive on earth

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Swoop by Martin Kennedy


Falling clouds in ocean
Grounds forest crying
Heaven calling.

Attacting streams
Moving dreams eyes
Swooping down.

Tired cry space so
High these hands
Move and touch
The sky.

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Swoop by Stephen Leake


So they arrived, over the window,

Flying into my marooned frame

Suddenly. Their eyes radiating

Through the iron drifts of cloud;

Their voices, grazing the air.

They brought memories of words

In their worldly beaks and I ran to

Them …seeking refuge in their

Flight-paths, their lost discords.

Now, mere gasps in the strengthening

Wake of light.

For more info on Stephen Leake:


* Look out for his Christmas poem 'Presence' to be printed in the Times Literary Supplement, Dec. 2009.

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Next Theme

Journey was voted as our next Theme.

And, no point in gnoring it, so please send us any poems that, for you, have something to do with Christmas. Or the Winter Solstice.

Be they what they may. Maybe you love spending time with the family? Love Winter? Hate Christmas jingles.... :)

Swoop by Gem


Gliding on a upward draft
Wing out streached
Glinting eye

The world out streached
Soring high
Pray in eye

Her body sleek
Swooping deep
Death by eye

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Photo taken by Fassbinder while on a trip to the Isle of Wight

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Swoop by Fassbinder

Swoop by Fassbinder

The Highway Code in Rhyl
Is overlooked
And lovers
Of the over-cooked
Should descend
On Rhyl.

One Nil to the Lexus!
The honourable roadkill
It’s animal pelt
Poulticed to the radiator grille

‘That’s just the way it is.
Some things will never change’-

Sings the sales rep
Speeding to Bruce Hornsby
& The Range. Imagines the fender:
A bonnet caked in mange.
The nearest thing to ‘company’
He’ll get.
In his company car.

A kestrel coasts on thermals
Between Clywd clouds
And road-flanked Poplars
Waiting to swoop


A Lexus
Refusing to move down
A gear. Caught out
Takes the corner at forty. Careers.
Slides. Then plunges.
A huge descent …

Crushed.At the foot of the cliffs.
Silent and static
Save a heavenwards pair
of offside spinning hubcaps
And Magic FM still

“That’s just the way it is.
Some things will never change”.

A kestrel coasts on thermals
Between Clywd clouds
And road-flanked Poplars
Waiting to swoop
Waiting to swoop
Waiting to swoop
On Rhyl.

The Highway Code in Rhyl
Is overlooked
And lovers
Of the over-cooked
Should descend on Rhyl.

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Swoop by Maddy

I look around in the shadows
Predators wait, they are hunting
Waiting for prey to scoop

An Eagle crashing down the meadows
In seconds the prey is swooped

The first thought is wonderment
To the beautiful Eagle so elegant, fast
Definitely not an easy task

But then the overwhelming feeling
Of a life lost

But that is the way the circle of life swung
For one has to go up high and come very low
To complete the full circle of a beautiful swoop

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Swoop by Lucy Coats

Swallowsong splinters
shriek across sky,
stormswoop of arrow notes
piercing thunderheads
with needles of sound;
releasing rain
sharp, stumbling drops,
stinging, pricking,
stabbing dry earth
to life.

Copyright: Lucy Coats 2009

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Next theme: Journey

With over 50% of the votes the next theme is: Journey

Journey 18 (52%)Wealth 15 (44%)
Fruit 14 (41%)
Fall 12 (35%)
End 8 (23%)


Swoop by Lilly Decedere


My body fell, awkwardly.
Brawny concrete hugged my aching spine,
Dear oils and man's sweet sap
enriched my gashed gown,
Intricate anxiety penetrated my cold heart,
You swooped so cruelly!
It always happens when you most expect it...

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Hope by Val Fletcher

Not this months theme but hey...


I am a soldier of courage, and I know that you are too, so whatever life can throw at us we strive to make it through. The ups and downs, the highs and lows, it never rains but it pours, and then it hails and snows. Still we struggle on, and still we fight the fight, because we know that with luck and hope one day things may come right. So with heads held high we carry on hoping its not for much longer,and we all know very well that which does not kill us only makes us stronger.

By Val Fletcher

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Swoop by Val Fletcher


One thing i like very much is when the swallows swoop, its usually early evening when they come out to feed and they loop the loop. They like to swoop above the water and catch insects for their tea, and as they fly and swoop around they seem to say look at me, I can fly and swoop around while you can only watch from down there on the ground. And yes that is so and I stand and watch in awe, and admire you little swallows for now and evermore.

- Val Fletcher

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Swoop by Aaron Flynn


Descend on shafts of light;
seek out the truths which elude you
from your perch
up there
so clinical and detached.
Come down.
Where all is real.
Where pain is felt
and not just imagined,
not merely a philosophical debate
on synapses and nerves,
but all too sharp, and cruel
and real.

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"The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim."

-Sun Tzu

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Virtues by Gemma


Kneeling on the ground
her hands together
her mouth muttering silent words
her eyes closed

A single tear
she kneels in silence
blessed by a golden light
protected in her virtues

The daemons circle her
a gnashing of teeth
claws ready to snatch
sniffing the air

she keeps the faith
she holds on
repeating her promises
reciting her mantra

They try different tricks
weaving dark thoughts
sowing seeds of doughty
untrusting feelings

The light is strong
she smiles hearing the truth
she stands and starts to walk
salvation is near

she walks into the light
saved by her virtue
not letting them pull her down
smiling and walking

she looks back and whispers
"keep smiling don't let them get you"
and then she is gone

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