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Memories by Maddy


I have no Memory,
no matter how good or bad
the story.

I guess what I am saying,
the show is always playing.
It is a personal choice,
Not to Stop, Rewind or Fastforward,
my own creation of space.

It keeps me going,
keeps me growing.
Allows my flowing.
The trailer currently running,
is damn Funny.

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"It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life."
~P.D. James


"The man with a clear conscience probably has a poor memory."
~Author Unknown


"The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time."
~Friedrich Nietzsche


Memories by Tomas Davis

Powdered Memories.

Powdered memories live like a jigsaw,
every single one fitting into the others around them,
mixed with thoughts too insignificant to recollect,
such as; dreams, goals and hopes.
days all merging into one,
tainted by forgotten woes,
hope lost and dreams vanishing with the sun.
days getting shorter - nights longer,
tarnished lives running riot among the land of the righteous,
angels being led astray, beliefs forgotten.
health is destroyed and minds fryed,
all for a life of powdered memories.

From Tomas:
"I wrote this whilst i was living on the streets in london 4 months ago- this was my second ever poem.
I am currently trying to get published.
My love of poetry really inspired me to get off the streets and change my life - i now have a home and am studying at college.
Please check out my website, set up to help other people get the confidence and inspiration to achieve their goals."


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Memories by Rae Louise Jones


I often long to return
To simpler, lucid times
When I travelled the deadly deserts,
Wallowing in self-pity
When I should have embraced the golden sun
With all my emancipated strength

I often long to return
To somewhat magical times
When I explored the winter city,
Wallowing in fake loneliness
When I should have enjoyed the snowing solitude,
The freedom to bask in me

Sleeping without dreaming,
I exactly exist

I often long to return
To the simpler, lucid times
And the somewhat magical times
With all the confidence, intelligence,
The bliss and invisible friendships
That now dwell inside my soul

I’d joyfully embrace the golden sun,
I’d intensely enjoy the snowing solitude,
I’d appreciate my treasures, old and new,
With the freedom to appreciate me

Dreaming without sleeping,
I exactly exist

* Japanese for "Memory"

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Memories by Paula Greene


You are never far from my mind
never far from my thoughts,
even after all these years
your memory still remains
locked deep in my heart

Sometimes I feel I can sense you
and other times I am sure I glimpse you
the back of you disappearing
into the midst of a crowd
or I think I see you in the street
but of course, its not you.

Our song still plays on the radio
and when I hear it
it always transports me back in time
when I would lay in your arms
and you would kiss me softly
and lull me to sleep.

Wherever you are darling
and whoever you are with
part of you is always with me
and always will be
until the very end of time...

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Memories by Anissa Ladjemi

Happy Fathers Day Dad
Never knew you wish I had
The day you died
Only five, a child no concept of death
Changed our world turned upside down
Never the same again
Image of you faded now

Growing older think of you often
My face image of your own
Your eyes, smile like mine
Give me a sign

Look at the sky, think of you
Would we laugh and cry?
Wipe a silent tear from my eye
You smiling down
Seeing my mistakes, confusion, despair
Are you lying on fluffy clouds?
In your Sunday best, at rest?
Death was quick
What’s it like?
Did we flash through your mind?
Beautiful black and white image of happier times
Life we should have had
Happy father’s day Dad

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
-Albert Einstein


Poets Window- Best Shared

Dolls made by Clare Connolly
(dolls made to order. Get in touch)

Ocean by Anissa Ladjemi

Sun sets across an ocean sky
As the boat sails away
Into the distance
Leaving the past behind

Lost, dazed and confused
Learning to live without you
Takes courage to break free
From the shackles you bore me
Stifling my creativity
Now I am free
To roam where I please

Without harsh words
Your condescending tone
Eyes full of passion
Turned to stone

No idea what you did
You broke me you see
Stole my self esteem
Gave you pleasure
To cause me pain
Now I am sane

All are made to suffer
All are made to weep
Bruises cut me deep
I see clearly

Alone, no longer in fear
I owe you nothing
Goodbye beautiful boy
Leave me be
To roam where I please
Now I am free

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End of August 09- Memories.

Street 18 (47%)
If 18 (47%)
Wish 15 (39%)
Memories 19 (50%)


Ocean by Erato

I was sixteen
California. Summer. Brown skin.
Turquoise bathing suit.
Sand. Sun. Wind. Salt. Ice cream.
Waiting for Godot my reading.
Marlboro light white filters smoking.
Blowing in the wind listening-
the Joan Baez version.

Slowly entering
Stopped breathing
Easy to lose feet
Balance at risk
The sense of danger
The excitement of releasing
Moving holy force
Constant sound of waves. At daze.
One day and the eternity
I, a mortal facing the infinity.

(picture:Grey Marine by Alex Katz)

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Ocean by Sean

I come to see
I am at Sea
I am drifting in the Ocean
I do not struggle

I cannot see land
Only eternity
I trust the Ocean to carry me
to where I shall be

To be or not to be
The Ocean shall carry me
to where I shall see and be
And look back at the glorious sea

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Ocean by Martin Kennedy

Always poets gather by the sphere
always near oceans clear
waves gathering underfoot
now climbing caves inside blue breath
death of that distant star
oceans a mass say a prayer
drink gods clean air
fish beneath in complete
appearing now every year
are we joining that rich dream
that comes from mountain stream
this is a machine oceans the team
wave after wave tear oh tear
air so clear a blue sphere appear
near oceans edge daily balance
awash with new life
year after year it is so dear
and yet we fear the deep crest of oceans depths
heart unrest at yesterday flesh
fire in waves eye die oh die
but fly beyond minds eye
life in the deep always tries
blue horizon reflecting up
seeing is believing
earths listening wit its big ear

(this poem was submitted as more of a stream of thought.Some line breaks we added so as to fit on the blog page.)

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"Happiness depends on ourselves."


Ocean by Maddy

Silent, Dreamy and blue
His Wave meets Her soft sand
White, Salty bubbles truly grant

Stormy, Angry and gray
Were Water meets Water
mountains of waves crashes
creating thunder and lightning
extremely frightening

A home for millions of creatures
Some unknown, some known
A keeper of thousands of Secrets

Can we ever imagine her depth?
Comprehend his beauty?
There evolution deeply hidden
Thou Art God's collection

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"It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality i accept."
-Calvin and Hobbes


Ocean by Aaron Flynn

colour of the sky
after storms,
hue of my mama’s eyes
when she smiles.

The word “still”
has no meaning for you
Miss Ocean,
Mrs Sea,
mother of moisture,
progenitor of precipitation.
Lifegiver. Lifetaker.

I love it
when you
against rocks
and spray foam
like an exhausted horse
a broken boxer.

I swam in you once
as the day I began.
You were cold but warm,
and as dark and
as the night sky
you reflected.

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Ocean by James Hadley

His eyes are just a drop in the ocean of
All the eyes that lovers have fallen into.

Some have pulled themselves back out.
Some have drowned.
Some have dragged themselves onto a raft -
A tenacious splinter that resists blinks.
Some have floated, submerged.
Some have dived in hastily,
To be repelled by an eyelid:
The ocean oasis concealed by arid plains.

I remember the depths of irises,
The glisten of eager pupils...
They say you don't forget how to swim.


"The world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed."
-Sean O'Casey


Ocean by Gem


Floating on an ocean of dreams
one hand dipped in the waves
one foot caressing the water

Drifting though memories
eyes closed
mouth slightly open

Thoughts swirling in my mind
If only

The waves lapping at my mind
washing me clean
new beginnings

I step from the waves
fresh, clean
a re birth

Leaving the water muddy with memories
my pail skin shimmering in the moon light
peace at last

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by Emily Elliott


Memories by Erato

Memories of another time
Blurred sensations leading to strong emotions
Memories of the past
Of a future becoming
Of time passing
Of my present foreshadowing

Sometimes they pop up and surprise me
Just forgot had these memories.

Bits of a movie
Called life history
Easy to rewind
Difficult to erase
I carry them
Along my path
Sometimes heavy and noisy
And at other times
Randomly playing
Lightly and colourfully
Like butterflies

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