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Seize the day by Sean

Seize the day
Stand and be counted
Make a stand
Show your hand
Strong tall small hand
Then acceptance is the key
Open the lock
walk through the door
walk with the Gods
and bear fruit
and give freely to those
who inhabit your orbit
Seize the day
Today is the day
to change the world

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Seize the day - Anthony Greene

Carpe Diem

In the still of the night
and in your most tranquil of moments
let no-one stop you
hold close to you heart
your dreams and desires
for they are precious, and vital
so seize the day
and don't get trampled underfoot
by negativity and pessimistic attitudes

For when you want to fly
you should be able to
and whoever wants to clip your wings
will be a far distant memory
Seize the day, my friend, my lover
for tomorrow it will be too late.

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Seize the day by Martin Kennedy

captureing a moment sowing a
seed following each lead reading a

every second a chance to enhance
days virtue grow into journey
enjoying the life breathing still

confidence is bliss careing to
care once there walk with prayer
this life very rare.

taste gods crystal fair talk listen
dont go missing stand up be brave
save that wave who has sung a

life not long to just go along
be a leaf an grow some wings
sing each day as if its your last cause
some day it will be look in thy mirror
and say this is the day and it will be

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Love Today by Malika

In the beginning…..

In the darkness, in the vacuum of time. Where nothing exists. There is a loneliness, an emptiness, a void. But there is a power beyond even the Void. There is the Nameless One. The One. The one which exists without time and space. It is an Energy. The Energy has a blinding Force radiating forth a great Power. And out pours Light and Sound. And out of this blinding Light and deafening Sound the Universe spins and creation is Born.

The Ocean of Bliss pours forth and in this Ocean of Bliss which reaches out to all the aeons of time and space and energy pours forth. It is true Bliss. It is the Ocean of Love. For love is the Truth that is the Only Truth which exists.

The Master of Love calls upon his Holy Angel. And commands the Angel to go forth and be the Master of this Ocean. The Angel is a humble Servant of the One.
The Angel is broken and does not want to leave the foot of the Nameless One. With great despair the Holy Angel goes to the Ocean of Bliss and makes his way to the edge of the Ocean. He looks down at the Ocean and has his own passions and ambitions. He takes his own will before him and with a great desire to have the Power of the Nameless One. The Angel is jealous of the The One. He wants to be the One. He turns his back upon the Powerful Force and trickles dirt into the Ocean of Bliss. “You are mine.” The Angel says under his breath. “You will be mine forever. I am your Master. I will drink from the Ocean of Bliss forever and with it’s Power I will bestow upon all that drink from this Ocean the Power. But it is not the real Power you will have. I will destroy all your Power by diluting your Power with falsities. I am the new creator. You are mine. All mine.”

The Master of Love had great Pity upon the Angel on hearing this. The Master of Love only knows Love and only has great Love for the Holy Angel who has betrayed Him. The Love said, “My dear Servant. You have your own desires other than to serve Me. You want the New World I have created. You want your own power. I have only Love. I am Love. I love you my Angel. Have my world. I give it to you to. It is my gift to you. Make of it what you will. But remember me. For all the wars you create, all the hatred for each other, all the murders and deaths, all the lustful prostitution and greed for power you create. Remember one thing my Angel; that all you are Master of my Ocean of Bliss. And Bliss it is. And Bliss it will always be. And to Bliss it will become again when the Ocean merges back to me. For I am the Source of this Bliss. I am the creator of this Bliss. For I am the One. I am the Love. I am Love. And all the dirt that you throw into my Ocean of Bliss shall evaporate in the Prayers of my drops in the Ocean. Each drop shall call for me. Each drop shall be cleansed as they call to me. For I am here. And I will always be here. You are finite my Angel. Your power has no permanents. You are the passing of time. I am Time. I am beyond Time. Each drop shall be washed and purified by the longing to be Bliss.

And so began the beginning of the struggle and the surrender. For Love is Pure. We are all made of Love. We come from Love and we go back to Love. We are Love. The Ocean of Bliss shall return to the Source of Love and be Loved.


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Seize the day by Tiennak

Amongst London's crowds she sat, how she stared
as people walked by without much of a care
eyes open wide looking first left then right
no-one would stop to hear her solitary plight

Her mind started racing, now what could she do?
To make someone listen, just for a few..
She plucked up all courage and halted him there
A loner, a stranger, with gorgeous long hair!

Yes? smiled he, care for tea? declared she
shocked silence, they glared, why not? I am free!
a moment of boldness, they conversed with ease
He felt so alive, and she, rather pleased

The afternoon ended without but a flaw
when she was compelled to hold open the door
Outside it was raining, when something occured
He took off his jacket protecting his girl

They walked to the station where he kissed her cheek
and sweetly implored we must meet next week
clasping hands with the next date assured
how love did blossom when reversed roles restored

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Sieze the day by Val Fletcher

Carpe Diem is on the ring I wear,
it reminds me to seize the day,
only once are we here and the time will fly,
so let nothing get in your way,
leave yourself with no regrets enjoy each and everthing you do,
do good,be kind,be honest ,dont lie.
Breathe the air,see the sky,
find good in everything and everyone,
in all you do find satisfaction,do it well,
but most of all have fun.
See the world and people around you,
spread your wings and make the best of all you can,
enjoy your friends and family and
make the best of the day each and everyone.

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Seize the day by Justine McLaughlin

‘Seize the Day’

The Thief

Never quite managed to
Seize the day
Excuses roll and rap
It’s too cold
It’s too noisy
It’s too…….

So once again
Locked in voluntary isolation
I write another poem

Another excuse

If only I could
Cross that line
Between in and out
Or join the dots
Between home and town
Or that bridge between
You and me

Maybe then
I could seize, the moment
The day,

But the Invisible thief
Is on the loose again
So who knows?
What tomorrow will bring

Justine McLaughlin

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Seize the day by Maddy

"Sieze the day"

Sieze the day?
But its January!!
and its been fantastically grey.

Im wishing for May...
bring on brighter days,
Lighter feelings,
upbeat happenings.

I am normally one to sieze each Day,
but right now i am praying for May.

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Seize the Day by Rae Louise Jones

To Be
By Rae Louise Jones

Am I locked inside this cage,
Or am I here by choice?

If I stay:
I can keep the feasts and riches
Showered down on me by the Gods

If I escape:
I can explore new lands and territories,
I will have a tale to tell

I had the strength to bend and break the bars,
But do I have the strength to leave?
I stand here at the border,
Neither trapped nor free,
A leopard never changes its spots, they say,
But mine are changing all the time

I stand here at the border,
A sultry feline silhouette,
The people who come to see me through the bars
Carry themselves around
Like pieces of old junk
But I look down at my body,
And see my spots evolving
Into precious jewels scaling my skin

I stand here at the border,
Clawing away at the surface,
Ready to make a move…
For I know what it means To Be

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Courage by Anissa

Soldier’s courage

Lying in his army bunk
Sleep won’t come
Dreaming of home
Missing his wife
Empty space by his side
Won’t be long
Must stay strong

Mother’s courage
Cross at her chest
Praying her only son
Survives the carnage
Dangerous world
She bore him to
War never ending

Hears his voice through the winter air
Whispers please take care

Sister’s courage
Reads brothers written words
Beautiful bond
Missing her twin
So long it’s been

Hears his voice through the winter air
Whispers do take care

Lover’s courage
Weeps as he leaves
Kissing goodbye
Loving him more and more
Hears his voice through the winter air

Whispers, love take care.

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Courage by Martin Kennedy

brave life
walking anew
under mask
under shoe
me or you.

blue spoon
digging holes
through natures soul.

standing tall
sea wall
spirit calling
in this great hall.

bursting ball
renewing echoes call
dancing, romancing
life’s fancy
cheer- it’s so clear.

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Journey by Sean

The Longest journey you will ever make
is from the head to the heart
The force is within us all
I am told
but we need to call
before or after the fall
may the force be with you
if you travel the longest
journey of them all

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